2017 Utah Grand Slam Marathons

Ogden Marathon - May 20, 2017

Utah Valley Marathon - June 10, 2017

Big Cottonwood Marathon - September 9, 2017

St. George Marathon - October 7, 2017

Alternate Marathons for 2017 - Ogden, Salt Lake, Utah Valley, Deseret News, Top of Utah, Big Cottonwood, Morgan, Huntsville, and St. George

You, yourself, must register for all marathons on time!

2017 Registration

The 2017 Grand Slam will cost $50.00 this year, Age-Group Awards for the first in each 10-year division. Remember, Grand Slammers get a discount on everything in the store. The UGS discount is 15% off MSRP during the Slam season to help with the cost of shoes and gels. We hope that Slammers will see us for their running gear needs as we put on the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam discount starts January 2017 and goes through October 2017.

No refund if you neglect to register for a race on time.  Registration will be done through www.runnercard.com.


The 2017 Utah Grand Slam is four marathons, plus alternate marathons for those who simply want to complete the Grand Slam opposed to competing in the UGS.

This is a competition, so those who want to compete for the top three trophies and age-group awards, you will need to run the four designated marathons, which are Ogden, Utah Valley, Big Cottonwood, and St. George.

Age groups are in decades: 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69.

Remember, you, yourself, must register for all marathons on time!

In recognition for completing the Grand Slam, all will be awarded a hefty 2017 Grand Slam medal and a very cool UGS 2017 tech t-shirt.

You are responsible for registering for each marathon by the deadlines of those organizations. The St. George marathon continues to be a big supporter of the Utah Grand Slam. They continue to reserve spots for those Slammers who enter the lottery and do not get in.  Entry to the St. George Marathon is for registered Slammers who did not make it in the lottery and have completed the previous required marathons.  All Slammers still must enter the St. George Marathon lottery.

Each leg of the Grand Slam will be sponsored by a particular footwear brand.  After each race has been held, we will draw 2-4 names of people who will win a free pair of shoes from that particular vendor.  All registered participants will receive 15% off their MSRP purchases at the Wasatch Running Center throughout the Grand Slam season. We do what we can to support the event and your running addiction.  We are also introducing a new thing for next year.  For each month that a marathon will occur, you can come in on the first Saturday of the month and receive 20% off your entire purchase when you pay with cash.  The only month that will be different is for the St. George Marathon.  We will hold the 20% off Saturday three weeks before St. George.  Just enough time to get a new pair of shoes broken in.

If you are unable to complete four of the Grand Slam events (including alternates) you will not be eligible to receive the medal or T-shirt.

If you have any questions regarding the Grand Slam, email us at wasatchrunning@gmail.com, or call us at 801.566.8786.

We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to make this a wonderful event for you, the participants/maniacs, this year and for years to come. Check this page often for updates and results.

Remember, you, yourself, must register for all marathons on time!

Good luck, have fun, train hard, be smart.

Have a Good Run.

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