Glen Gerner, Owner
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Age: 50
Hometown: Rockford, Michigan
Education: BA Public Communications, U of U
Years Running: 40+
Favorite Shoes: Nike Lunar Glide & Eclipse, Newton Motus, Saucony Mirage & Kinvara, HOKA Mafate.
Favorite Distance: 10 miles, 13.1
Favorite Race: Any cool and sunny
Favorite Run: Summer Solstice on Bay Trail, Anchorage, Alaska, or any trail
Favorite Nutrition: Honey Stinger Chews & Waffle, GU Roctane & PB Rassbery Cream & Hammer Mt Huckleberry Gels
Key Workout: 3-mile warmup, 20X400m, 6-mile cooldown; Yasso 800s
Favorite Book on Running, Fiction: Once a Runner
Favorite Book on Running, Non-Fiction: The Perfect Mile, Programmed to Run, The Lore of Running
Favorite Runners: Roger Bannister, Pre, Emil Zatopek, Kara Goucher
Goals: Stay Fit & Healthy, Have Fun, Serve the Running Community
Wife: Elizabeth, who will beat me running one day
Kids: Three: Thomas - 6, Tibby - 4, Roy - 2

Darrell 'D' Phippen, Manager
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Age: 34
Hometown: Farmington, Utah
Years Running: 18
Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider
Favorite Distance: Any trail race
Favorite Race: Mid-Mountain Marathon
Favorite Run: Trapper's Loop
Favorite Book on Running: Daniel's Running Formula
Favorite Runner:
Emil Zatopek
Sub-30 Hour Wasatch 100

Melissa 'MCat' Catmull


Taylor 'TB' Berhow
SLC, Utah
Years Running:
Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Rider, Saucony Ride
Favorite Distance: 5K
Favorite Race: Des News 10K, Moab Other Half
Favorite Run: Pipeline Trail Millcreek Canyon
Favorite Nutrition: Clif Bar White Macademia Nut
Key Workout: Warmup, 6X800m, cooldown
Favorite Runner: Lauren Fleshman, Ryan Shay
Goals: Heal, Run happy
Currently Trianing For: A comeback
Details to come for:

Rebecca 'Gibby' Gibbs
Aaron 'Tex' Wright
John 'JP' Peterson
Alex Lyman
Joe 'Slim' Hill
Jared 'Subway' Croft
Carley Johnson
Jacob 'PT' Stratton

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