Minimal footwear is low profile - lower to the ground than the average running shoe - and has less heel to toe drop, even to zero drop. Many racing shoes work very well as minimal footwear because they are very low, light, and flexible. We recommend runners start slowly with minimal footwear, even going to a light-weight trainers, then lower profile shoes, then barefoot-like footwear if desired. Going too minimal too fast may cause more harm than good. It may take up to 90 days to allow your body to adapt to some minimal footwear. We recommend barefoot-like footwear for natural surfaces like grass, and then for occasional workouts to improve running form and efficiency. We all can adopt and use good/natural/barefoot running form in running shoes on the roads. We do not recommend barefoot-like footwear for paved surfaces.

We stock a variety of minimal footwear.

Altra Running

All Altra footwear has a 0mm Drop

Instinct, Provision, Torin, Paradigm, One, Impulse - Road Shoes

Lone Peak, Olympus, Superior - Trail Shoes


PureFlow - 4mm Drop - Light

PureCadence - 4mm Drop - Light & Stable

PureGrit - 4mm Drop - Trail

New Balance

MR00, WR00


Free Run


Kinvara - 4mm Drop - Very Light

Mirage - 4mm Drop - Very Mildly Stable