The Wasatch Running Club

Club Costs & Benefits:

  • $35 initial membership, $30 renewals.
  • One FREE technical WRC shirt with initial sign up ($24 value), 50% WRC tech Ts while a club member.
  • 15% off all MSRP purchases. 
  • 20% off all WRC branded apparel and accessories.
  • WRC decal for your car.
  • Shop sales the day before they start.
  • Benefits apply to immediate family (dependents) in your household.

After buying the equivalent two pairs of shoes the club fee paid for itself (and you got a great shirt); everything after that is gravy. This offer is better than any online clubs or multi-shoe-discount plans because it costs less, no delayed savings, you are able to try everything on before you purchase it, and you get the really cool shirt and decal. This is our way of helping our customers keep the cost of our favorite sport lower. The WRC Club discount is for members of the club, not for friends, grown children, siblings, or extended family. 

Depending on how much running gear you buy, the WRClub or our rewards program will benefit you more. If you are a recognized fitness or running club member you may save more money with the rewards program but would not get the added benefits mentioned above.

There is a facebook page just for WR Club members. On that page members will find club information, notice of special events and special offers.
Club members simply search facebook for the Wasatch Running Club group and request admission. Anyone can join the WR Club at the store, then go to the WR Club facebook page and request admission.

Run Well, Be Well,

Your friends at the store;

Glen, Darrell, Jon, Rebecca, Melissa, Matt, Joe, Jeremy, Jessica, Cole, Holly, Alex, Caden, Aarim and Abby.